The key to international SEO success?

Cultural relevance

To be successful at international SEO, you can’t just pop a text into Google translate and hope for the best.

You have to understand the local culture you’re targeting. The way people talk. The things that are important to them. And how that impacts their search behavior.

Which is why we’ll recruit and hire your very own team of SEO experts. Who are natives of the country you want to expand to – and understand the cultural norms, buying preferences, language and search behavior of that particular country.

Clients organic traffic per month
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We’ve helped 200 companies around the globe expand into international markets

Higher rankings

“After a year of partnership, the client’s organic search traffic increased by 100%. SeoProfy boasted their strong adherence to quality and punctuality, delivering well-research outputs in a timely fashion. The team also resolved all issues and questions from the client quickly. .”

Serhii Starenko
CEO & Founder,
More high-quality traffic

“SeoProfy has provided valuable SEO services that have grown the client’s website traffic by 10X. The team is organized and responsive, and the client appreciates their willingness to share advice.”

Lev Tretyakov
Founder, Fortador Steamers
More sales

“The company has reached an average of over 1,000 new sales per month, thanks to SeoProfy’s work. The site has also gained more freelancers. The team works quickly and transparently and focuses on data and research when executing a plan, resulting in a successful partnership with the client.”

Iaroslav Baklan
Managing Partner, Education Platform

Same language? Not same culture

Here’s the thing (that many international SEO agencies don’t take into account): Even countries that share the same language can have significant cultural differences that can affect peoples’ thoughts, actions and search behavior.

For example, in the UK, people say “jumpers” instead of “sweaters.” So if your business is an online clothing store, you’d probably want to target the keyword “winter jumpers” in the UK and “winter sweaters” in the US.

If you don’t take into account the little cultural nuances of each country you’re targeting, Google might see your website as spam – and your website visitors will bounce off your site faster than Lionel Messi’s penalty kick.

Our team members aren’t just SEO experts.

They’re cultural experts.

We won’t just assign a few random SEO generalists to your project. We’ll find and hire a diverse team of SEO specialists – who are natives of the region you want to expand to.

So if you want to expand your business into the Japanese market, we’ll find SEO experts in Japan. If you want to expand into the Mexican market, we’ll find SEO experts in Mexico. If you want to expand to the Norwegian market, we’ll find SEO experts in Norway.

You get the picture. No matter what market you’re interested in expanding to, we’ll find and hire SEO experts who are native to that country – and understand its unique cultural norms, buying preferences, language and search behavior.

That way, we can help you rank for the traffic-driving keywords in your target market. And craft highly resonating content that makes your audience feel understood.

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Get a tailored international SEO strategy that goes way beyond translation

Take a look at a few of the strategies we use to help you take over international markets.

Tailor your content

Most people spend just 54 seconds on each page they visit. If you want to keep users on your site for longer, you’ll have to create tailored content that matches your user’s search intent.

We’ll determine the user intent behind each keyword – and localize the content so that it resonates with your audience.

Choose a traffic-boosting URL structure

When it comes to your website URL, there are different types of domains that you can go with. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

We’ll analyze your business, market, competitors – and decide which URL structure will have the biggest impact on your international ranking.

Implement correct hreflang tags

Hreflang tags tell Google what language is being used on the page. If you don’t implement your hreflang tags correctly, you can seriously mess up your rankings – and your user experience.

We’ll generate hreflang tags across your website. To ensure that Google understands your web content – and your users easily find what they’re looking for.

Rank for the right keywords

Keyword traffic, keyword relevance and search behavior vary across countries. Which is why you can’t just try to rank for your current keywords across countries. You have to find the right keywords for each region.

We’ll study the perspectives, interests, linguistic characteristics and search behavior of your target market. Find the keywords that they’re searching for. And then optimize your content for those keywords.

Build international backlinks

Getting international backlinks is crucial if you want to build your authority in international markets – but can be tricky due to language barriers and cultural differences.

We’ll leverage our local insights and connections to generate high-quality backlinks from other websites in your market. So you can increase your domain authority – and your traffic.

Cater your strategy to the search engine

Most users around the world use Google – but not all. Because each search engine uses a different algorithm, you’ll have to cater your SEO strategy accordingly.

We’ll craft a SEO strategy tailored to the search engine that your international audience uses. So you can rank in regional search engines (and not just Google).

We’ll only take on your project if we’re dead sure we can get you results

Hiring an agency is a complete gamble. You don’t know if they’ll get you results. Or if your investment will pay off.

Not with us.

We always perform an extensive SEO audit before starting any project. That way, we know what’s possible – and what’s not. If we don’t think we can meet your goals, we won’t take on your project. It’s that simple.

Your team of local SEO experts will work on your project full time 

Delivering lickety-split responses. VIP service. And crazy-good results.

You’ll always be clued in to what’s going on

Got a question? We’ll zoom an answer back to you within one business day (or less). Here’s what else you can expect from our international SEO services.

Weekly reports

Each Monday, you’ll get a game plan for the week. On Friday, you’ll get a weekly report with a summary of your international SEO results.

Weekly sprint calls

Once per week, we’ll meet on Zoom to go over your results, answer any questions you have and discuss next steps.

Telegram group

You can swap files and messages with your SEO team inside Telegram. Where all messages and data will be fully encrypted (and 100% secure).

We don’t beat around the bush. We say it like it is.

We use a transparent pricing model

We don’t pull numbers out of thin air – or hike up the price because you’ve got a big budget. We use a pricing calculator to determine a fair price for your project. Based on your strategy and the number of SEO experts your project requires.

We’ll tell you if we aren’t meeting our targets

If things aren’t going according to plan, we won’t try to hide it. We’ll tell you straight away. And then we’ll brainstorm a solution.

We’ll set realistic expectations from the start

Before we start your project, you’ll know what kinds of results you can expect. So that there are no hidden surprises or “what happened?” moments down the road.

How we help you dominate international markets with a culturally relevant SEO strategy

Discuss your goals

We’ll kick things off with a 30-minute discovery call (on the house). Where you’ll tell us about your business and goals.

Audit your SEO

We’ll review over 300 data points of your website and SEO. So we know where your SEO stands – and what we need to do to get your website ranking in international search engines.

Set up your team

Based on your business and target market, we’ll recruit your own personal team of international SEO experts. Who will work for you full-time, giving your project their undivided attention.

Research the best keywords for your niche

We’ll find the keywords your competitors in your target market are ranking for– and select the best ones for your international SEO strategy.

Localize your website

Next, our SEO cultural experts will get to work, localizing your website so that it brings in foreign traffic – and resonates with your target audience.

Review and scale

No international SEO strategy is set in stone. We’ll review things on a weekly basis and continually look for ways to bring *more* foreign traffic to your site.

Impress your boss with your limitless SEO knowledge

If we partner together, you won’t just get international SEO management. You’ll get international SEO consulting too. For free.

We’ll keep you up to date on the latest SEO trends and search engine algorithm changes. Explain industry best practices, along with local market insights. And always tell you the reasoning behind our decisions.

So you’ll walk away with a crystal-clear understanding of international SEO. And ungoogleable insights that make your boss go gaga.

Expand your global footprint with a culturally sensitive international SEO strategy

Schedule a free consultation to see how our international SEO service can help your business succeed in international markets and:

  • Craft content that resonates with your target audience
  • Bring more traffic to your site (and keep visitors on your site for longer)
  • Turn more visitors into buyers

“How long does it take to achieve results from your international SEO services?” Plus other questions marketers like you had before joining forces

Realistically, it’ll probably take 4-6 months to start seeing results.

But every website and strategy is different. So the timeline will ultimately depend on a number of factors. Like:

  • the age and authority of your site
  • the website architecture and design
  • your on-page and off-page optimization
  • any penalties pulling your ranking down

We can’t promise anything because there are some factors that are outside of our control. But we do promise you this: We’ll do everything in our power to get your website ranking at the top of international search results.

After performing a SEO audit, we should have a good idea of what’s achievable.

We don’t like the word “outsource” since it’s often code for “low quality.”

We’ll vet and hire the best experts for your project. Period.


First, we round up our candidates. Then we go through a month-long vetting process. Once we find the right people, we hire and onboard them.

Sure, it’s more time-consuming than finding a couple freelancers on Fiverr. But this way, we know that your team is highly experienced in international SEO. And able to get you the results you want.

So if that’s considered “outsourcing” then I guess you could say we outsource your entire project.

But unlike many other international SEO agencies, we don’t do it to pinch pennies. We do it because we know that in order to help your business expand into new markets, you need a team of international SEO experts working around the clock for you. And nobody else.

Our services start at $XXXX per month. With most of our international SEO clients investing between $XXXXX- $XXXX.

The price will ultimately depend on your business, objectives and how many SEO specialists are on your team.

At minimum , your strategy includes:

  • A complete SEO audit (to find out what the best international SEO strategy is)
  • In-depth keyword research (where we’ll analyze and pick the best traffic-boosting keywords for your target market)
  • A custom strategy (to help your business dominate foreign search results)
  • International technical SEO (to ensure Google can find, crawl and index your pages)
  • Localized content strategy & creation (so that your foreign website visitors feel deep-in-their-bones understood)
  • SEO monitoring (so we know which strategies are working – and which ones to tackle next)

Bottom line? Whether you’re looking for international eCommerce SEO or international B2B SEO, we can help.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose our international SEO agency over all the others:

  • You’ll get a return on your investment (We’ll do a complete SEO audit before taking on your project. To make sure we can get you the results you want.)
  • You’ll get your own dedicated SEO team that works for you around the clock (Which means… zero distractions. Fewer mistakes. And quicker results.)
  • You’ll partner with SEO experts who will take the time to understand your target market – and craft a localized, traffic-generating SEO strategy for your business

Conquer international markets with a localized international SEO strategy

Schedule a free consultation to see how we can craft an international SEO strategy that’s culturally relevant – and brings more high quality traffic to your site.