SEO Audit Services

What’s preventing your website from ranking #1?

Find out – and fix it – with our SEO audits services.

We’ll review more than 300 data points – and identify the issues that are pulling your ranking down..

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Clients organic traffic per month
Average return on investment

Our SEO audits services have helped 200 companies boost their traffic – and sales

Higher rankings

“SeoProfy’s methodology and own tools allow them to be on the edge of SEO analysis.”

Yuri Alexandrov
Sigma Software Group
More high-quality traffic

“SeoProfy’s efforts have resulted in 758,31% growth in free traffic and improved impressions and clicks. The team is well-organized, responsive, and focused on achieving project objectives efficiently. “

Marketing Manager
Grocery Delivery Service Provider
More sales

“They’re able to find the little details that could make a huge change in our website traffic.”

Vitalii Sharovarov

The most comprehensive SEO audit you’ll ever get – delivered in 3-4 weeks

Using proprietary SEO tools, we’ll analyze 300+ data points to find out where your website is performing well… and where it’s costing you traffic.

You’ll get a detailed report with a prioritized list of SEO recommendations – so you can start by making the changes that will have the biggest impact on your ROI.

  • Insights in minutes (not weeks) with our internal SEO tools
  • Weekly reporting + full explanations of every finding
  • Access to over 100 SEO specialists
  • No hidden costs (one fixed price per audit)
Tap the button above to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation for our SEO audits services.
We work with companies from:

The only way to develop a zero-guesswork, traffic-generating SEO strategy? Start with our SEO audits services

Every single project we do at SEO Profy starts with a painstaking review of your website SEO. That way, we know (without a doubt) what kind of strategy we need to implement to get you the kind of crazy profitable SEO results you’re after.

Here’s a closer look what’s included with our website auditing services:

Keyword research
Target the right keywords - so you can attract the right customers

For SEO to be effective, you can’t just target one keyword or phrase. You have to think about the context of the keyword – and target semantically related keywords.

We’ll dig into the best keywords and semantically similar keywords for your website.

Then we’ll analyze separate clusters of keywords by semantics and region – and find out where the hidden opportunities lie.

Technical SEO
Pinpoint technical issues that might be sinking your rankings

If your website has a slow loading speed… deep site architecture… or unfriendly mobile design…

Then your ranking will suffer.

We’ll inspect your technical SEO and identify any problems with:

  • Site speed
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Site security
  • Site structure
  • Indexing
  • Crawling

So you’ll know what issues are lurking below the surface – and how to fix them.

On-page SEO
Help Google better understand your content

On-page SEO issues like thin content, duplicate content or similar title tags can confuse website crawlers… and decrease your traffic.

We’ll take out our magnifying glass and examine every inch of your on-page SEO. From your content and headlines to your HTML tags and images.

So you know what content is confusing Google – and keeping visitors off your site.

Off-page SEO
Boost your domain authority (and your ranking)

Are bad backlinks bringing down your rankings?

Find out with a deep-dive analysis of your:

  • Link-building
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Podcasts
  • Reviews

So that you can kiss the traffic-crushing backlinks goodbye. And make your website more popular than a high school football jock who just scored a championship-winning touchdown.

Google penalty audit
Bounce back from any Google penalty (no matter how big)

If you’ve been slapped with a Google penalty, then you might be wondering “why?” Or “what do I do now?”

Our SEO audit services will find out the cause of your Google penalty. And then outline the steps you need to take to fix it.

Competitor analysis
Steal your competitors’ strategies (and their traffic)

How is your website stacking up against the competition? What are your competitors doing that you aren’t?

Unearth your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. With an in-depth review of their:

  • Traffic sources
  • Geography of traffic
  • Ranking (by keywords, GEOs and pages)
  • Link strategy
  • Site structure
  • Site content

Then leverage those insights to scale your traffic – and your revenue.

SEO strategy
Start increasing revenue ASAP with a step-by-step action plan

Now that you know what’s *wrong* with your SEO, what can you do to fix it?

Find out with a prioritized list of recommendations. So that whether or not you hire us for your next project, you’ll know exactly what changes you need to make… and when to make them.

If you decide to hire us to implement your strategy…

We’ll assign you your own dedicated team of SEO specialists

Based on your strategy, we’ll set KPIs and a project budget – and determine which team members are needed for your project.

But we won’t just assign you a few random SEO experts from our team. We’ll recruit and hire several SEO specialists, who will work on your project full time.

That way, you get VIP service. And competition-crushing results.

The secret weapon in our arsenal?

Our proprietary SEO software

(so good that many of our clients want to buy it from us)

Using our internal command control tool, along with top-of-the-line SEO software, we can find, filter and analyze the information we need in minutes… instead of weeks.

It’s so mind-blowingly efficient that many of our clients have asked us “can we buy this from you?”

The answer?

Nope, it’s not for sale. It’s available exclusively for our clients.

Within just 3-4 weeks, you’ll have surprising insights on your SEO health, plus a detailed action plan

Here’s how it all goes down:
Discuss your goals

We’ll kick things off with a 30-minute consultation (on the house). Where you’ll tell us about your business, competitors and ideal outcomes. 

Analyze 300+ factors of your website

Using our internal command tool and other leading SEO tools, we’ll analyze over 300 factors that could be affecting your SEO health. That will tell us *why* your website isn’t ranking #1 – and what we can do to turn things around. 

Create a traffic-boosting strategy

Insights in hand, we’ll pull together a personalized strategy and list of recommendations, prioritized according to their ranking impact. So you know exactly what changes to make to achieve your business goals… and when to make them. 

Review the findings

You won’t walk away with a single question unanswered. Because together, we’ll go over our findings from the SEO audit service and explain the reasoning behind our strategy. 

Select your team

If you decide to move forward (and have us implement your strategy), we’ll select the best SEO specialists for your project. That team will work for you – and only you – throughout the project. 

Get results

Once your team is in place, they’ll immediately start implementing those changes. And won’t stop until your website is ranking #1. 

“Does my business need a SEO audit service?”

If you’re asking that question, then it probably does. We recommend that every company do a SEO audit every 6 months or year. SEO (and Google algorithms) is always changing so a strategy that worked well a year ago might not be so effective today.

Still not sure? Here are a few surefire signs that you need a SEO audit service:

  • Your search rankings have recently taken a hit
  • Your organic traffic is lower than the competition
  • Your website ranks lower than competitors for desired keywords
  • You have a high bounce rate
  • Your content is outdated – and not pulling its weight
  • Your website has a “HTTPS not secure warning”
  • Your website has broken links
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“How long does a SEO audit service take?” plus other smart questions marketers like you had before deciding to partner with us

Our SEO auditing service will take approximately 120-150 working hours. You’ll get a full report – along with a tailored strategy – within just 3-4 weeks.

We charge a fixed price of $7,500 USD for all audits.

Sometimes, that price doesn’t even cover all of our expenses (due to API payments). But our goal is to make this affordable for every business – so that even if you can’t afford our services, you’ll still get actionable insights and the know-how to improve your SEO health.

Yes! Now is the perfect time to do a website SEO audit service.

That way, you can start your website off on the right foot – and catch SEO mistakes before they turn into traffic-sinking Google penalties.

The Head of SEO is the main person responsible for your SEO site audit service. If they need the expertise of a SEO specialist (like a link builder or technical SEO specialist), they also get on-demand access to more than 100 SEO specialists at SEO Profy.

To make sure that your audit covers every nook and cranny imaginable, our CEO (and SEO genius), Victor Karpenko, will supervise the project and all website SEO audit services.

To recap, our SEO website audit service includes:

  • Technical audit
  • Keyword analysis
  • On-page SEO analysis
  • Off-page SEO analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Google penalty audit
  • Tailored SEO strategy

We’ll examine more than 300 factors of your website and how they’re impacting your ranking. You’ll get a “first do this, then do that” prioritized list of recommendations. Along with a short-term and long-term strategy to help you dominate Google search results.

You’d be hard pressed to find SEO audits services as in-depth as ours.

To give you an idea…

Most other SEO auditing companies (that we’ve come across anyway) only look at 150-200 factors that could impact your ranking. We look at 300+.

Here are a few more reasons why our clients love our SEO auditing services:

  • Our game-changing internal command tool finds SEO issues that other tools don’t catch
  • You’ll get access to over 100 SEO-wired brains (aka specialists) at our SEO audit company
  • You’ll partner with a team that’s in this for the long haul (and cares about your long-term success)

Get SEO answers you won’t find anywhere else

Find out why your website isn’t ranking #1 – and what you can do to fix it. Starting with a free consultation.

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